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Assembler Simplified With
Algebraic Assembly Language

TERSE represents a whole new concept in low-level programming and is the first real advance in assembly language programming since the invention of the Macro Assembler.

TERSE is an x86 specific programming language compatible with the entire processor family from the 8088 through the Pentium 4 and beyond. It is a machine-level language that gives you all of the control available in assembly language with the ease-of-use and the look-and-feel of a high-level language like C.

TERSE is a very mature language. Conceived in 1986, implemented in 1987, proven in real world applications for over a decade, and used by Fortune 250 corporations, universities, and programmers on six continents since 1996! TERSE has virtually replaced assembly language for time and/or space critical applications in embedded x86 based and PC applications. For an overview of the language read this article written for Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Contents of This Web Site:

The Joy of Hex -or- Why I'm So Happy When I Program
Ever since I programmed my first computer in the late '60's, I've been intoxicated with the total control and the pure logic of it all. I took my first programming class...

The Greatest Advance In Low-Level Programming In 40 Years
What is TERSE?
TERSE is a machine specific programming language designed for the complete family of Intel x86 microprocessors...
I programmed the Intel 8086 for the first time in October 1978. I was bewildered by the differences...
Before TERSE
Faced with a seemingly hopeless situation, I devised a traditional assembly language for the 8086...
The TERSE Inspiration
Sometime later, I was faced with an enormous assembly language project. The apprehension created by...
The Birth of TERSE
The idea was simple: a structured symbolic low level language that would leverage programmer productivity. A big problem with assembly language...
TERSE is Natural
Operator rich, TERSE employs prefix, postfix, and infix notation. It is context sensitive, just like natural...
TERSE is Compatible
No matter whose assembler, compilers, and linker you are presently using, TERSE probably works with them. Because TERSE generates...
TERSE is Flexible
Another feature of the compiler is the provision for intermixing standard assembler statements right along with TERSE statements, allowing you...
Who Needs TERSE?
Some assembly language programming could surely improve most non-trivial programming projects. Fast execution is essential in...
When to Use TERSE
Often, after a system is written, several core routines are down coded into assembler to optimize them for speed. Sometimes critical routines are...
TERSE is Proven
Since 1988, TERSE has been used in medical, military, industrial and commercial applications. Proven in the real world...

Extreme Programming
Bill Gates has been quoted as saying he prefers assembly language, but in the same breath admits...

He Laughed When I Told Him I Had Invented A New Language
Over the years, I have earned thousands of extra dollars moonlighting for some of the local companies in my area. One such contract was larger...

New Natural Language Works The Way You Already Think
You've been programming in a totally unnatural language ever since you wrote your first line of assembly language. Ask several assembly language programmers...

Who Needs Another Tool?
Spock to Kirk -- "I am attempting to make a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins"...

Can You Read TERSE Without The Manual?
One real test of a language's usefulness is its readability. Here you will be given the opportunity to test your skills...

Three Reasons Why Your Programs Will Be Better With TERSE
I believe good programming begins with good ideas and that the notation or language used to express those concepts has a profound effect on the...

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