Three Reasons Why
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Optomized TERSE Performance
Jim Neil

I believe good programming begins with good ideas and that the notation or language used to express those concepts has a profound effect on the communication, implementation and realization of those ideas. Because TERSE lets you write the way you already think, the effort required to convert your ideas into reality is significantly reduced. Free of extraneous information, TERSE is the direct expression of your good ideas.

terse adj [L tersus clean, neat, wiped off] 1 : smoothly elegant; polished; refined 2 : free of superfluous words; concise; succinct; to the point; as, a terse style.

I believe skilled human programmers, like you, are in the best position to make the necessary data structure and algorithm tradeoffs as well as register assignments, and to choose the perfect instruction mix when the absolute best code is your objective. Because TERSE only generates exactly what it is told, you do the optimizing. With TERSE you create optimum routines that are visually appealing, simple to write, read, maintain, reuse and share. By employing a concise, intuitive symbolic notation featuring structured flow control, TERSE helps you both optimize and optomize your code.

op-to-mize vt [Gk optos + ISV -mize] : to make as aesthetically perfect, effective, or functional to the eye as possible.

I believe the modern high-level programming languages available today, complete with their mechanical optimizers, can't match the efficiency of a routine written at the machine level. I doubt they ever will. It's a matter of direct control versus translation. A translation is a transformation -- and something is always lost in any transformation. There is purity with TERSE. Only the symbols are translated, not your ideas. What you write is what you get. All the reasons for programming in TERSE can be summed up in a single word: performance.

per-for-mance n [prefix per- thoroughly (fr. L) + Fr fournir to accomplish] 1 : the ability to perform; efficiency 2 : operation or functioning, with regard to effectiveness, as, high performance.

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