Please Help Me Spread The Word About TERSE

Could you help me? Whether or not you feel that TERSE is right for you, please help me spread the word to all of the other programmers who might be interested in it. Although the Internet is a great way to access people in the computer field, there are still many who are not connected and will have no way to find out about TERSE, unless they hear about it from YOU!

If you know any programmers that might benefit from TERSE please do them and me a favor and tell them about TERSE. If they don't have access to the Web you could print out a few of these pages for them. Or, if you prefer, E-Mail me their S-Mail address and I'll send them some information. Or, you could give them one of my addresses or phone numbers and I'll let them know all about it! You might even consider giving TERSE as a gift! At just $49 it makes a great stocking stuffer!

Could You Link To My Web Site?

If you have a web site, or access to one, would you consider putting a link to my pages in that site? I would be happy to return the favor. If you can, the URL is If you would like to use the TERSE logo in the link, you have my permission to do so, in fact I would prefer it. You can find the logos in a sub-directory under that URL called pics. There are many logos there of different sizes. They are all named terse*.gif where the * is the point size. For example, the logo in this paragraph is called Just make a copy of the logo you need for your local use. If you need more information, just send me an E-Mail or give me a call.

Thank you for your help.

Jim Neil


TERSE c/o Jim Neil
3375 Areca Palm Avenue
Melbourne, FL 32901-8116 USA

10:00am - 6:00pm EST5EDT, Monday - Friday

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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