I'm Not A Programmer

What Can TERSE Do For Me?

Have you ever had to wait for your system to boot when you turn it on? How about when you start your favorite application program? Do you ever have to wait when you attempt to print a file? What about doing some function like a spell check? How about when your Web Browser just seems to momentarily lock-up for no apparent reason? Wait... Wait... Wait... It's pretty frustrating isn't it? What's a user to do?

Lose Wait with TERSE

Look for the TERSE Optomized Performance (TOP) logo (pictured below) on the software products you buy. When you see it, you are assured the developer took the time, and put in the necessary effort, to make their software a state-of-the-art wait free product. Support vendors that display the TOP logo and let the others know you demand this new standard of quality. If your favorite software vendor isn't using TERSE and displaying the TOP logo on their products, send them an E-Mail and tell them you deserve the quality that TERSE can add to their products. Tell them about this web site (http://www.terse.com). Don't settle for less. Demand all the performance your hardware can deliver. Buy applications written with TERSE. Haven't you've waited long enough?

op-to-mize vt [Gk optos + ISV -mize] : to make as aesthetically perfect, effective, or functional to the eye as possible.

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Optomized TERSE Performance

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